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Fashion Trends for Fall 2015

You can find my blog on color and fashion here: Pattern Trends in FW2015-16 Collections By Marcie Cooperman on Aug, 17 2015 Lanvin AW2015-16 Looking at the dominant trends for FW 2015-16, patterns are a huge part of the scene.  Men, as well as, women will be wearing them … Continue reading

Just finished: EXHIBIT AT SMI Gallery @ Academy Square “Water/Color”

Just finished:  EXHIBIT AT SMI Gallery @ Academy Square “Water/Color”   The subject is water; the tool is color.  The artwork submitted should use color to accomplish the artist’s goal.  These works can be 2D, 3D, kinetic, or light-based.  Some works should use one of the five senses in addition … Continue reading

EVERY YEAR in April: Cape May Color & Composition Workshop

 Every year in April –  COLOR and COMPOSITION WORKSHOP      CAPE MAY, NJ   Live and breathe color while learning how to use it in successful compositions for 3 ½ days Visit and work in the scenic Cape May marshlands, beaches and historic sites Lots of hands-on exercises with painting … Continue reading

Describing Color – Hue

You can find this blog here: Describing Color     Six colors here… all different, yet all the same. Here’s the vital question: Can you describe how they are different? And what’s the similarity?   You’re correct if you said that they are all blue – their common hue. … Continue reading

End of exhibit: Studio Montclair Inc.

Members of non-profit arts group Studio Montclair are invited to submit artworks for this exciting multimedia show in May 2015.  You can join Studio Montclair now and enter this show.   SMI members are invited to submit work for a new exhibit:  Water / Color The subject is water; … Continue reading

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